Our Services


Elements design philosophy is that every landscape is an extension of the home and each design should reflect not only the architectural integrity of the home, but also reflect the lifestyle of the homeowner.


One Stop, 100% accountability and our highly experienced and uniformed crews.

Since the inception of our company we have understood the importance of the relationship between management, our maintenance crews and our lawn care team. Our teams communicate everything from cutting heights, fertilizing, weed management and snow management programs are appropriate for the conditions of the property and co-ordinate services to insure optimum, cost effective results.

Indoor Plants

The benefits of living and working among greenery are plentiful. Plants enhance indoor environments, make them more inviting and in one of nature’s miraculous acts, they help clean the air, something that is incredibly important for those people who spend the majority of their time indoors.

The professionals at Element Landscape Services Inc. are experts at incorporating plants into interior environments, be it the family home, the office or the large commercial enterprise.

Snow Services

  • 24/7 Snow Phone
  • Snow and ice patrols
  • Snow plowing
  • Ice management
  • Snow relocation (on site)
  • Snow removal (off site)


We are pleased be the regional installers for Viking Fiberglass Pools and welcome International Pools and Spas to the Element family. We proudly install Viking Fiberglass pools.

Please visit VikingPools.com to see the latest in Fiberglass pools and educate yourself on the features and benefits of owning a pool from Viking installed by Pools by Element.

Please contact us for a consultation.


Craftsmanship / Customer Service / Pride

Element Landscape Services takes great pride in every residential/commercial landscape installation project. We serve residential home owners commercial developers, general contractors, property management companies and landscape architects. Our Goal is to minimize future maintenance costs and eliminate the unnecessary costs of redoing work that should have been done right the first time.

It’s not enough for the job to go smooth and within the budget while we’re on site. The installation must continue to be a source of pride and beauty long after we’re gone.

Seasonal Urns and Planters

Let the Element Design team get you ready for the Holidays by creating your custom urns.

Our team can create your urns on site in your existing urns or provide you with a finished product delivered right to your door step! We use fresh evergreen straight from the forests of British Columbia that will last throughout the season.